Message From the President




A Message from Your 2017 MS CEC President


Greetings Everyone! I am so excited that you have taken an interest in MS CEC

How do I know that you interested you ask? Well, you’ve “landed here;” therefore, we

want you to check everything out so that you don’t miss the upcoming year’s slate of



We have moved the conference back to the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast. It is

scheduled for February 1st-3rd. As well, you might catch a few Mardi Gras parades

and activities taking place as this is the Mardi Gras season. We all love the beautiful

MS Gulf Coast and all it has to offer so please take full advantage of this during the

conference and your stay.


Our conference has awesome keynote speakers ready to go, preconference

sessions that are highly engaging and relevant to the profession, and breakout

sessions that will revitalize your passion for teaching. These sessions range from

inclusion practices to being empowered to thrive every single day teaching like your

hair’s on fire to give students in your charge the best education has to offer!


Educators, we are truly on a mission field molding, shaping, and creating

independent thinkers in a world that changes daily! Please join us on the first week

of February for a time you’ll not soon forget!


I will update our Facebook page daily with tips, blurbs of interest, etc. in

regards to the conference!


See you there!

Terri White Rhea Ph.D. NBCT